Exploring list of Top Pharma Companies in Kolkata

List of Top 10 Pharma Companies in Kolkata

Pharma Companies in Kolkata

List of Top Pharma Companies in Kolkata – Are you looking for the top-notch pharma companies in Kolkata?  Well, this article will offer you the desired details to deal with the finest companies and their contact details.  Kolkata the capital city of West Bengal has positioned the best pharmaceutical companies in West Bengal.   The market responds to the third most productive metropolitan areas in India, where large gathering and manufacturers list of pharmaceutical companies in Kolkata are waving undue importance in this domain.

Exclusive List of Top 10 Pharma Companies in Kolkata

pharma companies Kolkata

Here’s the list of the top pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Kolkata to help you to get in touch with them in times of requirement.

1. Aurio Pharma Laboratories Pvt Ltd

This leading Kolkata pharma company is expert in producing liquid pharmaceutical products and continues to do so.  It aims in offering capsules, tablets and many more.  it is positioned at S.H.K.B Sarani, Dum Dum, Kolkata

2. Avron laboratories

This medicine company in Kolkata offers the finest manufacturing products with the help of the user by producing the list of Pharma products. It is located at 56/1, Canning Street, Floor-1, Room- C14, Kolkata Kolkata.

3. Davis Lab Chem

This medicine manufacturing company in Kolkata offers and develops the metabolomics technologies in chem.-informatics and analytical chemistry thus applies these methods in the biomedical formulation of the medicine. It is located at 14/2 A, Ram Mohan Dutta Road, Kolkata Kolkata.

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4. Jupiter Pharmaceuticals Limited

This leading PD company of medicine is engaged in manufacturing the Ayurvedic and pharmaceutical products like tablets, capsules, injections, liquids and delivers it one time. It is located at Synthesis Business Park, 9C(A) action Area II Rajarhat, New Town, Kolkata.

5. Hoechst Marion Roussel Ltd

This company is one of the top 50 companies in Kolkata which is expert in offering and producing wholesale Pharma medicines of a diverse range. It is located at 6 Ganesh Ch Avenue3rd Floor, Kolkata.

6. Hiechem (India)

This tops the list of manufacturing companies in Kolkata where you’ll get a wide range of wholesale Pharma products and dealing it across the globe. They are the top Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in town, the address is 47 M, Ramkrishna Ghosh Road, Kolkata.

7. Burnet Pharmaceuticals

This company is one among the list of top 100 companies in Kolkata is expert in offering quality Pharma commodities which covers the area like health promoter, allergies, laxative, arthritis and pain, antibiotics and many more. It is situated at 28/5, C.N. Roy Road, Kolkata.

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8. Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited

This is one of the leading manufacturing companies in Kolkata list which have crores of turnover in the margin associated with other manufacturers in the Pharma industry. The products are extremely effective and useful. It is located at 6 Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata.

9. Kansas Laboratories

This leading company is expert in offering Tablets & Capsules. Haemostatic Products & known as the top Antacid Tablet Manufacturer. It is positioned at 8/1, Lalbazar Street, Floor-1, Kolkata.

10. Aaron Babcon (India) Private Limited

This finest brand is classified as one of the non-governmental Institutions who excel in Pharmaceutical manufacturing products and supplies the pharmaceutical formulation and other generic medicines like Antacid Tablet from Kolkata to various part of the country. It is located at 766, Garia Main Road Kolkata.


 The above-stated list of top manufacturing companies in Kolkata will surely help you to get connected with the top brands and have an affair idea of Pharma companies in Kolkata West Bengal. 

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